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South African Numbers


This Toll Free service allows you to have your own
South African toll free number linked to a land line, mobile number or SIP account.

Choose between a Basic or Comprehensive service that is billed in local currency.

Important Notice

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Our toll free services are toll free from all networks. We are a local company who understands the needs and challenges of local businesses.

That's why this is A Simple Unbeatable Offer.

Benefits of having a
South African Toll Free Number

How Will a Toll Free Number Help My Business?


  • Portability – The toll free number can be linked to your existing landline, switchboard or mobile number.
  • Boost Your Brand – A low cost 0800 South African toll free number creates a much stronger image in the mind of your potential customer.
  • Creates a Sense of Ease with Customers – Consumers trust companies that are more accessible. They feel more comfortable knowing they can pick up the phone and talk to someone easily.
  • Flexibility – In the event that your business finds itself without power or a victim of cable theft, your 0800 toll free number can be routed to any other number as a temporary measure. You can now have your calls answered at other branches, other businesses or any available landline or mobile you choose.
  • Creates Instant Credibility – Consumers often assume that a toll-free number is associated with a large company so logic dictates that they will want to go with a more established player.
  • Increased Response Rates – Studies show that advertising using a toll free number can increase your response rate by 12 to 42 percent or more.
  • Maximize Advertising ROI – Toll Free numbers provide additional channels to reach more customers and close more sales.

Our Toll Free Services

Basic Service

  • Basic South African Toll Free number linked to either a land line number or a mobile number or a SIP account.
  • NO PBX or IVR functions.
  • No Set up fee.
  • Fixed Monthly fee.
  • Rate per minute depends on originating and terminating numbers.
  • No Charge for incomplete, unanswered or busy calls.
  • No hidden fees.
  • Free Monthly Statements.

More Info

Comprehensive Service

    As per Basic services, but includes:
  • Full PBX functions.

More Info


We've been in the virtual telephony business since 2009. We started off with Free 086 Business Numbers and expanded into International and Local Toll Free,Regional and Non-geographical numbers. These offers come with or without a virtual PBX.



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International Number: +27 12 880 5089