Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Toll Free number be called from outside South Africa?

No, only from within South Africa.

Is there a contract for the Toll Free numbers?

Yes, there is but it is a month by month contract, so you can cancel our service at anytime for any reason.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Toll Free Number?

It usually takes 10 days for your account to become active, but this time frame may be shorter if we are not too busy.

What Can I Use My Toll Free Number For?

Your imagination is the only limit to what you can use your toll free number for. Some people use it for advertisements, voicemail, business lines, real estate agents and salesmen use it to better their sales, you probably want to put it on your websites, business cards, letterhead, you might want to consider getting one for your fax line too!

Can I choose a Vanity Toll Free number that reflects my business name?

No, we do not deal in vanity Toll Free numbers, just normal 0800 toll free numbers.

What is a ring-to number?

Ring-to numbers are your destination of choice. You can have your Toll Free Number assigned to your office phone, mobile phone, VOIP or fax.

Can I have two or more toll free numbers use the same ring-to number?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of numbers pointing at a single ring-to. We just ask that you don't let them go to waste.

Can I still use my current number?

A toll free number is a virtual number that is linked to your existing land line or mobile number. Your normal number remains active and can still be called.

How do I dial out?

Toll free numbers are for incoming / inbound calls only. Your existing land line or mobile service is not affected at all and outbound calls are made as usual.

Can the toll free number be called from a mobile, Neotel or VOIP phone?


We're moving offices. Do we keep the same toll free number?

Yes, your toll free number can seamlessly be linked to any new number. Just email us with the new number and we will quickly reroute the toll free number to the new destination.

Can it be linked to more than one number?

Yes, you can have one toll free number linked to various numbers or locations when ordering our Comprehensive Service.

How am I billed for the toll free numbers?

We will invoice you by the end of each month and collect monies due via debit order 3 days later.


We've been in the virtual telephony business since 2009. We started off with Free 086 Business Numbers and expanded into International and Local Toll Free, Regional and Non-geographical numbers. These offers come with or without a virtual PBX.



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